Despite being told she must be a New Yorker off-and-on since the age of nine, Lisa Levine is a circa-'87 Arizonan. After enduring some memorable flings with cities on both coasts and across the Atlantic, she has grown to love her home base of Tucson. Catch her live Thursday nights at the Epic Cafe or peruse her poetry in the Outlet section of this month’s Downtown Tusconan.

FEBRUARY 20, 2005 -
"Breast Cancer Stories"

Every time Amy Weintraub tries to tell anyone about the Race for the Cure with her daughter on Mother's Day in Pittsburgh in 2002, she cries, so her goal is to get through the story without tears.  Many years before she had breast cancer she was an award-winning television producer and writer, and her short fiction garnered national awards.  Since she's had breast cancer, she's written a book called Yoga for Depression (Broadway Books, 2004), which is part memoir.  She's a senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Mentor, who leads workshops throughout the US and Canada and regularly writes on the subject for national magazinesShe's featured on the audio practice CD, "Breathe to Beat the Blues."  She holds the Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing and Literature from the Bennington Writing Seminars, Bennington College.

Mary Wilson , a transplanted Canadian, is an ancient retired elementary school librarian who has very active passion for her husband and children, grandchildren, children's literature, the Sonoran desert, Tucson and storytelling.

Meera is a 19 year breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed in 1987, had a modified radical mastectomy, a year of chemotherapy, and was told by her oncologist that she probably only had 2 - 5 years of life left as 9 out of 11 of the lymph nodes the doctor removed were cancerous.  She spent most of her time preparing to die, reading everything she could find about Death and Dying.  At the end of 5 years no cancer could be detected so she began working with others who were dying at the Phoenix Shanti Aids Hospice and continues working with the dying to this day. She feels that cancer was a gift which enabled her to really live.

Mickey Monroe was born in Chicago, Ilinois and since then, lived in several states and two other countries.  Kindergarten, Rantoul, Illinois; first, second and third grades Clark Air Force Base in the Philipine Islands.  (When I  took a picture of Mount Pinatubo in 1955 I remember wondering if it would erupt again.) Fourth grade in Denver (I wish I'd kept that newspaper story about Sputnik) and Sacramento. Fifth, sixth grades and some of seventh in Savannah then moved to Warner Robins, Georgia.  The rest of 7th and all 8th at Rumble Jr. High; 9th, 10th and part of 11th grades at Warner Robins High School (I was in typing class when we were told JFK had been shot; the next class our Spanish teacher told us he was dead) then finished and graduated from Medical Lake HS, Washington.  Soon after our marriage we went to live for 4 1/2 years in Alcala de Henares near Madrid, Spain.  (I couldn't believe that Richard Nixon got elected again!)  I've lived in Tucson for 32 years. ( I can't believe Baby Dub Bush got elected again?!) To paraphrase, Anne McCaffrey, my eyes are blue and my hair somewhat silver.  When the rest changed, I pretended not to notice. 

Tom Anway, 4th generation Marana farm boy who works hard at whatever he does, being a mechanic, raising hay, working in construction, helping others or caring for his wife Dannia of 23 years throughout her battle with Cancer. He relies on his strong faith and trust in God to lead him through this "journey of life."

Artist Susanne Gillatt grew up in Tucson, Arizona where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona. She studied photography under Louis Carlos Bernal at Pima Community College, and later studied video production. She has worked as a photographer and in different capacities in the field of video production. In 1989, she formed Terra Chroma, Inc., a multimedia studio. Initially specializing in the production of educational videos, she now focuses on scientific illustration and computer graphics for academic books and journals, as well as her own art of combining photography with painting. Her work can be seen at .

I See Them Everywhere by S. Gillatt