Anita T. Jackson would have you believe her middle initial "T" stand for THRIVE, her life's motto and the goal she strives to attain on most days. A strong survivor, perseverant, divorced mother of three, she is the proud owner/manager of Carrie's Care Assisted Living Home . Her adult (elder) care home, a five bed state licensed home located on the southeast side of Tucson, is named in honor of her 83 y/o mother. Having spent almost 24 years spent in the healthcare industry, she's put together an awesome staff to provide her clients with a great environment in which they can--you guessed it--thrive. She's counting on her assumption that fulfilling this lifelong dream of entrepreneurship, is just the beginning. In hot pursuit of all the "riches" life has to offer, she's looking forward to this first storytelling experience and to perhaps sharing some of her life's lessons learned in this most unique forum.

Nanete Longchamp : I was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti in front of the national cemetery. My mother was not able to make it to l'Hopitale Generale in Port of Prince until after I was born. She and i were taken to the Hospital by a Ton Ton Macoute unit of the feared Duvalier regime. As they picked my mother from the ground still attached to me, she was told, in jest we hope, that if I was a girl they would take her to the hospital, but if I was a boy they would shoot me. Well, I survived! After I was about nine years old, I moved to Brooklyn NY. I was raised amids lots of noise, beauty and multiple cultures. Since I was in PS128 I wanted to become a writer but never really did. Recently, I moved to Tucson and for the past year I have picked up the pen again. I am happily married with 1 nine years old son.




JANUARY 12, 2008  - "I'm Sorry"

in the audience and behind the scenes

Bruce A. Cole is a retired nurse who spent the last 8 plus years working for The Pima County Health Dept as a nurse /C.D.I. He has worked in several local Tucson Hospitals and Dialysis Clinics over the years. This health career began after moving to Tucson in 1974 after getting his GED and working in factories in Indiana. Fortunately Tucson didn't have any factories then and Bruce went to Pima Community College, Downtown campus and has worked in health care since 1977. He claims to have had more than 100 different jobs in his 48 years of working, but you will have to ask him about that. Bruce has a great interest in gay, black, and native American history as well as railroad and Tucson history. His hobbies are social justice, human rights and recovery! His own and other interested persons!!!

Nina Ayin Reimer is the original medical illustrator for the acclaimed book, Our Bodies, Ourselves (Simon & Schuster.) Aside from her work as a medical illustrator, she is a certified health education teacher, a Reiki Master, a sculptor and author of several books. Her book, Artist as Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing, (scheduled for the 2007 New York Book Expo and Doll Art Quarterly's Fall issue) is a series of true stories of the artist's own journey and case histories of those who have been touched by her art. Nina Ayin experiences, from which her stories are drawn, include motherhood, 25 years of teaching experience, and her unique intuitive gifts and healing art ( Nina has taught workshops and spoken to audiences in Texas, California, Connecticut and New York. For the last ten years she has taught at the International Women's Writing Guild's summer conference at Skidmore College . Nina works as a writer, artist and healer, in San Francisco and Tucson.

Lori Riegel has been teaching Hebrew in Tucson for 17 years, and describes teaching as the ultimate story-telling venue. Riegel was selected as the organizer/producer for VDay Tucson's 2008 production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. Riegel is also an account executive for the Arizona Jewish Post.

Ana Rincon: Grew up in Mexico City and moved to Texas in 1990 to study Art in Austin where I participated in some political, cultural, and academic projects. Have moved around, from Paris to San Francisco, and finally Arizona. I am an artist and a dancer and have studied some disciplines such as metaphysics and meditation Upon moving to Tucson, I landed in soft and inspiring ground at Miraval Life in Balance where I taught Photography and Drawing for two years. I also performed as a samba dancer with the Brazilian Ensemble Batucaxe for over a year. The itch to start a business began last year with lots of research and work. Finally it all wrapped up nicely and Rinconart Studio and Gallery in Tubac was finally opened in November of 2006 ( ). We feature paintings, photography, drawings, stained furniture, creative gifts, and commissions and invited artists.

Carol Reid is still open to the possibility of there being some intrinsic meaning in life and lives with her beloved partner of almost 19 years. She suffers daily through the subprime meltdown as a Realtor who moves her clients for free when, on the very rare occasions, they actually buy or sell a house through her. (Call 888-877-7343 or visit .) Carol likes all animals better than most people and for that she is not sorry.