MARCH 5, 2009 - "Potpourri"
The 5th Anniversary Show

Nina Ayin Reimer is the original medical illustrator for the acclaimed book, Our Bodies, Ourselves (Simon & Schuster.) Aside from her work as a medical illustrator, she is a certified health education teacher, a Reiki Master, a sculptor and author of several books. Her book, Artist as Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing, (scheduled for the 2007 New York Book Expo and Doll Art Quarterly's Fall issue) is a series of true stories of the artist's own journey and case histories of those who have been touched by her art. Nina Ayin experiences, from which her stories are drawn, include motherhood, 25 years of teaching experience, and her unique intuitive gifts and healing art (www.dollsforthesoul.com). Nina has taught workshops and spoken to audiences in Texas, California, Connecticut and New York. For the last ten years she has taught at the International Women's Writing Guild's summer conference at Skidmore College . Nina works as a writer, artist and healer, in San Francisco and Tucson.

Mike Herdegen tabling for Wingspan
Benefit for Wingspan, Southern Arizona's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center

Teresa Dawn Driver: feminist poet, activist, pacifist, union leader, soapbox preacher, loudmouthed pagan, stage manager, daughter of Jody, wife of Jaison, Mother of Kira who dances and Ryan who drums and a four drawer file cabinet full of abandoned ideas.

Bruce A. Cole is a retired nurse who spent the last 8 plus years working for The Pima County Health Dept as a nurse /C.D.I. He has worked in several local Tucson Hospitals and Dialysis Clinics over the years. This health career began after moving to Tucson in 1974 after getting his GED and working in factories in Indiana. Fortunately Tucson didn't have any factories then and Bruce went to Pima Community College, Downtown campus and has worked in health care since 1977. He claims to have had more than 100 different jobs in his 48 years of working, but you will have to ask him about that. Bruce has a great interest in gay, black, and native American history as well as railroad and Tucson history. His hobbies are social justice, human rights and recovery! His own and other interested persons!!!

Simon Donovan was born into a family of horse thieves, an unfortunate trade as they lived in Boston and only the police rode horses. He grew up to make equally fruitful career choices, such as moving to Tucson to sell surfboards and snowshoes. Tired of being broke, he is now studying performance art. His mother is so proud.

David Updegraff is in his encore career as a certified life coach, specializing in transition coaching. He spent nearly 40 years in education, retiring as President of a private school for deaf children in Buffalo, NY. Along the way, he acquired a BA in English, a Masters in Social Work, and a Ph.D. in Sociology. After a couple of odd jobs following college, he taught English in the Peace Corps in Thailand in the early 60's. Married to Susan for over 43 years, they have two daughters and two grandsons. Singing in a barbershop chorus has been a lifelong passion of David's, and he'll keep singing until the voice gives out! He has found a couple of other creative outlets as well. After moving to Tucson in 2004, he began woodcarving and continues pursuing this newfound passion; he has also begun writing and has completed a novel and a few hundred pages of a memoir.

Saumya and Anton VanderWyst have never figured out what 'home' means. Bouncing up North and back South every 5 years, they are constantly amused at people who can't imagine living elsewhere. Most recently from Michigan, their friends wake up to -5 degree temperatures most mornings. Now in Tucson, they continue their secret crusade to convert the world to square Midwestern food, run 2 hours late on Indian Standard Time (IST), and confound their parents by losing money on real estate in cities around the country.

Tucson Glowing” by Ana Luisa Rincon
Commission for Verizon Wireless Yellow Book
Prints available at www.rinconart.com
(notice the Hotel Congress - lower left corner of painting where we perform)