Robert Oser has 12 years experience as a culinary chef and 25 years experience working with conventional and natural, organic foods, including owning two health food stores, and is currently the Grocery Manager at Aqua Vita Natural Foods. He is the co-founder of the Vegetarian Resource Group of Tucson and has published 4 vegetarian cookbooks and dozens of food-related articles in magazines, periodicals and newsletters and been featured on cooking programs and videos. He has taught vegetarian cooking classes and lectured on nutrition and culinary technique for adults and children for 22+ years. As a musician, he has performed solo and as a duet with his long-time partner, Donna Baker (as "BabaDona") and with Donna and friends as "Rob da Donkey." He lives at The Castle Apartments with his two cats, Emily and Abbie, right across the hall from Donna and her cat, Belle. Robert and Donna met on the Internet almost ten years ago and have been singing together since before they met. Robert's only psychic talent is channeling bad jokes from long departed vaudevillians, it seems.

MAY 4, 2006 - "Eat Your Vegetables:
The Food Show"

Edie Jarolim is the author of several travel guides, including Arizona for Dummies (Wiley), and writes about food, art, and other topics for a variety of national and local publications. She honeymooned in Iran, Afghanistan, and the former Soviet Union -- among other countries -- and has eaten everything from calves brains to grasshoppers. She wonders why people think the life of a travel writer is glamorous. You can read more about her on .

Tom Cyr is a double Scorpio sometimes even mistaken for himself. Vietnam company commander; draftee morphed Army lieutenant colonel. Anti-anti war activist in the 60s; arrested-convicted Iraq War peacenik in 2003. MA in journalism; furiously opinionated, caffeine-chugging free-lance writer and photographer ("Bush, you're an ignorant bastard!"). Co-founder of "Families Feeding Families." Arizona Trail Association crew leader. Surveyed the Appalachian Trail through New England for the USGS. "Dad" to a screen-shredding 130-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named "Jake." Amateur archeologist; gardener; naturalist; conservationist; and poker player. Owner of a vulnerable heart that best finds peace and forgiveness on a bed of pine needles; in the winding of a desert trail; or in the salty bubbles from the dip of a kayak paddle. .

Diane Lopes born in new bedford, ma on feb. 2, 1953 (groundhogs day). moved to kissimmee, fla. in 1985. lived there for 15 years and then moved here to tucson in 2002. I have been involved in various activities wherever I have lived - office volunteer for non-profits, toastmasters (ctm) and church.

Transplanted Texan Penny Seiders is a music and prison pastor, a Christian counselor, a missionary to Russia, an antiques/colletibles dealter (since 1981) and a jewelry designer. Also, she is the product manager for and assistant to David Meece, internationally-known Christian recording artist. An animal lover and rescuer, she has numberious dogs, a parrot and a wonderful retired thoroughbread race horse descended from War Admiral. She loves God and loves helping people find, know and trust God for themselves.

Barbara Mocking has been a bilingual theater performer and director for over 30 years. Background in theater, dance, puppetry, and has also been found singing alto in several different choruses in Tucson. She writes much original material; scripts and songs. She builds props by request. Commissioned work includes Tucson Botanical Gardens/Native Seed Search, National Park Service, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Warner Brothers Motion Pictures, University Termite and Pest Control and many more. Her website for New Kiva Motions Puppetheatre is and you can email her at

Laura Gibson's story is a blend of multiple worlds - she was born in LA but grew up in New York City. Her first career was in business but currently she designs fine jewelry. She thanks her father, an executive in the music industry for her equal talent in both the left brain and right brain activities. She met her husband, Gary in San Francisco where they both worked in sales and marketing at IBM and it was he that brought her to Tucson in 1993. She was determined ultimately to return to California but a casual visit to the Tucson Gem Show ended up launching a nationwide business and now she is here to stay. Her jewelry speaks to her passion for color which she says she inherited from her mother and maternal grandmother. You can find her work on line at  and in fine jewelry stores and galleries across the country.