Thursday, September 2 at 7 p.m.
                        Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St., $7

Crazy for You: An Evening about Insanity - curated by Sarah K. Smith
Stories of the mad, insane, and whacky. The eccentric family member.   The psychotic boyfriend.   The off-the wall teacher.   The nonsensical red-tape. Finding yourself in a ridiculous or unimaginable situation. Falling crazy in love .   Bizarre fanaticism. Looney ideas and dreams.   Reasons for (or against) Prozac, Valium, Lithium, and Ritalin. The people and things that drive you crazy. 


*We’ve chosen themes for the whole year to make it easier for all you storytellers to see where your favorite personal story will fit in.*


September 13, Stories Without Borders (Wingspan's Tucson Latin@ Gay Pride 2010)
October 7, Bad Behavior: The Crime Show
November 4, Masks: the Hidden Identity Show
December 2, Belly Laughs: Humor for the Holidays


January 6: The Devil Made Me Do It
February 3: The Hidden Gem Show: Tucson Tales
March 3: Chutzpah! The Audacity Show
April 7: Shoulda Been Dead:Stories From the Edge
May 5: Its All Relative: Family Stories
June 2: Summer Camp
July 7: Two Sides to Every Story: Tandem Telling
August 4: Guess What? Stories of the Unexpected
September 1: The Things We Do For Love
November 3: Falling: Stories of Plunging in
December 1: Superpowers:  The Extraordinary Show

To submit your story for consideration, send us a one paragraph synopsis of your story and a brief bio about you.

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The themes are meant to be interpreted from a broad range of perspectives. If you are shy about telling a story, we give lots of support and helpful hints. There is a rehearsal a week before the event to run through the stories, get feedback, meet the other storytellers and enjoy some munchies.

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