Bette Mulley - I am a retired educator. 20 years with the Presbyterian Church and 10 with the Fort Worth ISD. I have been a member of the Tarrant Area Guild of Storytellers (TAGS) for six years, and I represented them as the Denton StoryTelling Festival as a Rising Star. I did an original story about the Texas Mockingbird. I have designed and taught Storytelling 101; a class to teach folk the art of storytelling. One of my students performed at the Denton Festival in the youth division and he did an original story. I have done workshops and programs in schools, Texas Library Association, Senior facilities i.e., and a SCBWI Conference. I love to teach children the art of storytelling, and I am in the process of putting to paper my original children stories.

Roger Greer is Program Director of KXCI Community Radio. He was one of the original founding members of the station 27 years ago. Before then he ran several of his own businesses. He is married to Susan and has four children, two still living at home, but we both are still nurturing all four. One of the family's big goals each year is to find time for the whole family to get together each Christmas.

Burgess Needle, former school librarian, spent 30 years honing his skills as a storyteller by trying to make the Readers¹ Guide to Periodical Literature interesting to middle and high school students and while trying to interrupt his father and five siblings at the dinner table. Two years in Peace Corps/Thailand taught Burgess (a) the Thai language (helpful in restaurants) and, (b) that English is the only language in which people can say they are killing time. He has co-edited a bi-lingual poetry magazine (Prickly Pear-Tucson), had poetry and articles published in various magazines and was a co-director of the Southern Arizona Writing Project. Currently retired, he fondly remembers dressing up as Edgar Allen Poe and presenting Poe¹s life, in the first person, to middle school students - many of whom thought the idea of bricking someone up behind a wall was a really cool idea.

Jennifer Duffy spends her days telling everyone else's stories as a features reporter at the Arizona Daily Star. She doesn't like public speaking, but jumped at the opportunity to be a storyteller after writing about the Odyssey Storytelling Series in August. She's a
recent graduate from the University of Arizona and spends the holidays with her entire family (mom, dad, brother, a set of grandparents and an aunt and cousin from New York) fighting, laughing, eating, shopping and skiing across North America.

Howard Allen has worked as a professional actor, director, journalist and playwright and screenwriter and holds an MFA in Playwriting and Screenwriting and Criticism. He teaches Writing for Film and Television at Pima College and he also teaches The Art of Cinema for NAU-Tucson. He started a successful Internet business, He has been an administrator and director of the BY DESIGN discussion program for the Arizona Theatre Company. His plays have been featured in the Writer's Circle with Actors Theatre of Phoenix. He has enjoyed roles at the Arizona Theatre Company in Hamlet, Threepenny Opera and others and most recently he played Gremio in Live Theatre Workshop's Taming Of The Shrew. He was the editor of the Tucson Weekly for several years, where he was an award-winning reporter/editor and film/theatre reviewer.

Ana Rincon grew up in Mexico City and moved to the Texas in 1990 at the age of 17. Attended the University of Texas at Austin and participated in community events to support human rights organizations to raise awareness of injustices in Mexico. Lived in Paris for a short time and then to San Francisco in 1997 and worked in a variety of venues from non profit organizations to museums and computer graphics. Performed salsa shows and participated in the annual carnival festival in the Mission. Moved to Arizona in 2001.