Nina Ayin Reimer is the original medical illustrator for the acclaimed book, Our Bodies, Ourselves (Simon & Schuster.) Aside from her work as a medical illustrator, she is a certified health education teacher, a Reiki Master, a sculptor and author of several books. Her book, Artist as Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing, (scheduled for the 2007 New York Book Expo and Doll Art Quarterly's Fall issue) is a series of true stories of the artist's own journey and case histories of those who have been touched by her art. Nina Ayin experiences, from which her stories are drawn, include motherhood, 25 years of teaching experience, and her unique intuitive gifts and healing art ( Nina has taught workshops and spoken to audiences in Texas, California, Connecticut and New York. For the last ten years she has taught at the International Women's Writing Guild's summer conference at Skidmore College . Nina works as a writer, artist and healer, in San Francisco and Tucson.




MARCH 31, 2007 - "Reinvented, Reborn, Revised"

Simon Donovan is a local visual artist known for his shameless self promotion. Neurotic, impulsive, opinionated, he is notorious amongst intimates for dominating dinner conversation. He has unquenchable thirst for attention and affirmation. Occasionally he is humorous.

Ana Rincon: Grew up in Mexico City and moved to Texas in 1990 to study Art in Austin where I participated in some political, cultural, and academic projects. Have moved around, from Paris to San Francisco, and finally Arizona. I am an artist and a dancer and have studied some disciplines such as metaphysics and meditation Upon moving to Tucson, I landed in soft and inspiring ground at Miraval Life in Balance where I taught Photography and Drawing for two years. I also performed as a samba dancer with the Brazilian Ensemble Batucaxe for over a year. The itch to start a business began last year with lots of research and work. Finally it all wrapped up nicely and Rinconart Studio and Gallery ( in Tubac was finally opened in November of 2006. We feature paintings, photography, drawings, stained furniture, creative gifts, and commissions and invited artists.

Doug Cornell recently escaped from a huge multinational financial company. He had been lured into working there by flexible hours and underground parking, which meant he could take naps in his car. However, the noise of company politics and adverse publicity sometimes got so loud it woke him up. For a while he tolerated nappus interruptus, but eventually his differences with management cost him too many z's. So he finally quit and was born again running his own company. He is much happier now, mainly because he has a nap chair right in his office. He hopes to be awake in time for Odyssey Storytelling.

Gail L. Arrenholz, Director of Creative Spirit AZ ( holds a BSN, MA in Psychology, and is an artist, dramatist, and writer. After she served in the Peace Corps in Honduras in the 70's, she opened the Berkshire Counseling Center where she applied psychodrama techniques to Jungian-oriented dreamwork while practicing as a nurse and psychodramatist. When she moved to Tucson, she opened Creative Spirit Arts Center, located in the charming community of Civano, in order to assist community members in their quest to reconnect to their innate creative spirit.

David Gilmore, the former host of Public Radio International's Outright Radio lives in Tucson but spends half the year chasing rainbows in San Francisco and Southeast Asia. He is a self-identified curmudgeon enjoying always being in the right place at the wrong time. He fills his blog,, with his personal stories.