Ted Middlebrooks was born in San Diego, to a Amazon rebel with a cause and a bell-bottom wearing Captain Morgan look-alike. He spent his teenage years as a vagabond, which is a nice way of saying he couch-surfed and partied like a rockstar. He has since learned the value of responsibility and not pulling all-night benders. He is studying for a degree in Political Science at Pima Community College, which is ironic considering he thinks politics is way too much hassle. He has a cactus-eating dog named Seamus, and his life long goal is to become a pirate in the South Pacific.

Kenneth Cahall is a Kelt. Which means he would be riding nude into battle on a horse with a woman on his back, if he had a horse, a woman, and a battle to ride into. But such is not the case because the guy's actually a big wimp. Kenneth started sucking air in 1965, and since then he's sucked at a lot of things: guitar, screenwriting, poetry and self-deprecating comedy; well actually, that he does ok. He's got no kids, loves animals who like to party; he has too many college degrees and too few credit cards. He's a rocker, a dork and an all-around useless American.

Sandra Smith was born and raised in small-town rural South - where nobody had ever heard of television, and only the well-to-do had access to radios and the two stations they might provide when the weather was clear. But virtually every front-porch swing was regularly inhabited by a seasoned storyteller and a glass of cold lemonade usually accompanied the tales of the day. Mostly the stories were funny, and time had a way of morphing even the most tragic events into yet another source of knee-slapping laughter. Sandra went on to graduate from Duke Medical School and has spent most of the past 30 years as a pediatrician here in Tucson. She has also put in stints as a volunteer on the Cambodian border, in Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, and most recently in Sri Lanka.

Bruce Cole was born on August 7, 1949 in Sparta, Tennessee, and moved to Muncie, Indiana in 1961. He lived in Indiana until 1974 when he moved to Tucson. Bruce attended Pima Community College, downtown campus, where he obtained his nursing license. He has worked as a nurse for 28 years this month. Currently, Bruce is employed by Pima County Health Department as a Nurse/Communicable Disease Investigator.

Ana Rincon grew up in Mexico City and moved to the Texas in 1990 at the age of 17. Attended the University of Texas at Austin and participated in community events to support human rights organizations to raise awareness of injustices in Mexico. Lived in Paris for a short time and then to San Francisco in 1997 and worked in a variety of venues from nonprofit organizations to museums and computer graphics. Performed salsa shows and participated in the annual carnival festival in the Mission. Moved to Arizona in 2001.

Alice Mckernan is someone with lots to say.